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Welcome to the Weber Firm Blog. As a credit union attorney with almost two decades of experience, I would like to raise issues that are relevant to you regarding the Credit Union industry. As Credit Union laws, rules and regulations are rapidly changing, its easy to get overwhelmed with knowledge. With this blog, I intend to give you relevant Credit Union information in manageable chunks that you will have time to review. I will also link to my podcasts so you can access them at your convenience. These podcasts are intended to raise relevant issues, and give you some food for thought. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have comments or questions on anything you read on this blog, hear on my podcast, or are in need of any legal advice. I look forward to our relationship.

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Disclaimer- The Weber Firm Blog is a weblog published by The Weber Firm, LLC, a law firm representing clients on a variety of legal matters related to credit unions. The data contained on this blog is a summary of legal information, may be incomplete and is not intended to constitute legal advice on specific matters, create an attorney-client relationship or be legally binding in any way. No articles may be republished without our written permission. If you would like to republish one of our articles or link to a post on the blog, please contact

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